Papap Pony is a toy design and publishing company created to inspire imagination and a sense of adventure in all children. We strive to create books and friendly animals that support children as they grow more independent and curious.

Tapping into every child’s wish for a special friend, we produce adventures at the place where make-believe and the real world collide. Our stories, products and activities empower children to be active participants in their world instead of passive observers.



The inspiration for Papap Pony was born after slowly driving around my neighborhood with my daughter, Hunter, screaming “Horsey, Horsey!” at the top of her voice from the back seat. I should have been prepared for the inevitable, but somehow my young toddler had convinced me that she would hold on to her beloved Horsey as we took our usual walk around the neighborhood. Being 8 months pregnant at the time, I had no energy to negotiate. After a lovely walk that included talking to each of our neighbors and their pets, stops along the way to count stones and collecting a pile of sticks we reached the front door only to discover that precious Horsey was no where to be found.

Luckily after the third circle around the block I noticed a black hoof peaking out from behind a bush and instantly retrieved Horsey, vowing never to allow Horsey to leave the house. Which was obviously a promise I could not keep.

Understanding the importance of security objects and their part in child development I knew I had to come up with an idea. A wearable Horsey that I could guarantee would make it back to the house after our adventures. I then wrote a special story about discovering new friends that I could read while Hunter played along with her new pony pal.

Hunter instantly loved Papap and started wearing her everywhere – to the grocery store, to the coffee shop, and of course on our walks.  Gone was the worry that Papap would be lost. Parents constantly stopped us and asked where they too could get that cute wearable pony toy. I knew Papap was something special. And, with that, Papap Pony was born.

Give up the stress of worrying and embrace your child's need for a special friend.  

Giddy Up!

Creator of Papap Pony