Papap Pony is a toy design and publishing company created to inspire imagination and a sense of adventure in all children.


Tapping into our passion for horses and every child’s wish for a special friend, we produce adventures at the place where make-believe and the real world collide.


Our stories, products and activities empower children and, just as importantly, inspire their parents.


My name is Kelly, founder of Papap Pony.  And I have a passion for horses.  It’s true that horses make me really happy.  From a very young age, horses were my special friends. In fact, with a family that moved around a lot, they were often my only friends.  As I got older, I turned my passion into a calling, where I competed on the national amateur and professional equestrian circuits, and won over 100 events on my way to a Top 25 ranking.

Cut to today: When I was pregnant with my second daughter, I needed a project, and horses once again came to my rescue.  Looking to convey my love of horses to my 2-year-old, I created a hobby horse that wrapped around her waist.  It was modeled after one of my favorite childhood Halloween costumes (embarrassing picture below). Then I wrote a special story about meeting new friends – something that, like her mother, my daughter struggled with too.


She instantly loved it and started wearing her Papap Pony everywhere – to the grocery store, to the coffee shop, even to school.  Strangers constantly stopped us and asked where they too could get that cute horse toy. I know Papap was something special.  And, with that, Papap Pony was born. 


I know Papap will become your child’s new best friend too.

Giddy Up!